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General Construction

We provide all the resources required for general construction including material, labor, equipment and all other services necessary for the construction of the project. We make sure the work done is of highest quality and our clients have the best experience working with us in matters of general construction.


We are involved in the field of shipbuilding and perform contracting work with various shipbuilding and repair plants. We are involved in many parts of the process including assembly of sections, shaping the hull, outfitting works etc.


Our services include metalworking and we are proficient with all steps of the process like forming, cutting and joining. We also offer expertise in different kinds of forming, cutting and joining such as bulk form processes, sheet and tube forming processes, manual and machine cutting technologies, welding, soldering, brazing etc.


We provide services related to piping such as designing, maintaining and cleaning industrial piping systems. All our services related to piping follow industry code and standards and we make sure our client gets a safe, well designed system.

Industrial Painting

We apply paint, varnishes and other coatings to a variety of materials and surfaces. We value keeping a clean working area and applying the paint with the best tools and technology available, keeping your industrial machines safe and clean.

General Contracting

We offer temporary employees for unqualified works in areas ranging from construction industry to food industry in all of the European Union territory. Tell us the area you are short-staffed in and we can fill in the positions in the fastest possible time.

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