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Contracting services

We provide contracting services in a broad area of industries in the European Union. Furthermore as we collaborate with specialists working with labor law and legislature area we can provide full legal project supervision from start to the end.


General Construction

We provide all the resources required for general construction including material, labor, equipment etc.


We are involved in the field of shipbuilding including assembly of sections, shaping the hull, outfitting works etc.


Our services include metalworking like forming, cutting and joining etc.


We provide services related to piping such as designing, maintaining and cleaning industrial piping systems.

Industrial Painting

We apply paint, varnishes and other coatings to a variety of materials and surfaces.

General Contracting

We offer temporary employees for unqualified works in areas ranging from construction industry to food industry in all of the European Union territory.

We collaborate with specialists in fields of labor law and accounting. Therefore we are always up to date with all of the new requirements and laws which relate to our field of services. We provide full legal project supervision from beginning to the end.

About Us

Our goal: to provide services of highest standards for a long term partnership.

We offer recruitment services for all business sectors. We strive to provide highest quality services for all our clients equally.

We provide services in all Europe Union.


Our experience enables us to provide timely and high quality services.


We strive to provide highest quality services for all our clients equally.


We know the market.

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